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Theodore Roosevelt Statue Will Be Removed Now

The month of Presidential Election is nearing and America has been ravaged by one crisis after another. First, it was the Coronavirus which has claimed almost a million lives in the country. Economic considerations are at an all-time low with 40% contraction in GDP. Almost 40 million people in America have lost their jobs. Add to that the crisis surrounding the unjust killing of George Floyd over racial causes. Protests have been taking place all over the world, with America searing with intensity and passion seen never before.

Theodore Roosevelt Statue Removed

The Museum of Natural History has decided to take off the Equestrian Statue of Theodore Roosevelt. It was set up in the year 1940 and was made out of bronze. It shows Roosevelt sitting on a horse. He is flanked by a Native American Man and an African Man. According to many BLM protestors, it is a sign of colonialism and racial discrimination in the country. Thus the authorities have taken the decision to remove the statue before it is vandalized by the enraged public.

What Did the Museum Authorities Say?

The Museum President has said that they have decided to remove the statue from the entrance. Theodore Roosevelt has long been considered to be one of the guiding symbols of American imperialism. His distorted viewpoints on taking other countries as colonies during the civil war were sighted as grave misconduct in the history of American Culture. But they have also said that it is only that statue which is an embodiment of the belief that they are removing. They still consider Roosevelt to be one of the pioneers in the American freedom struggle. With widespread protests going on across the country, it would be better if all such symbolic structures are removed. What they do is incite violence and nothing else.

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What Other Statues Are Planned to Be Removed?

In addition to Roosevelt’s statue, many other statues as well are being planned for removal. The statues of Christopher Columbus and Winston Churchill are also being planned to be shifted in private concerns. Otherwise, they would be destroyed as well. Recently in London, a statue of Mahatma Gandhi was vandalized by protestors. Some of them used spray paint and wrote the words Black Lives Matter on the statue of Mahatma Gandhi.