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The Witcher Season 2 : Reasons Why It Is Not A Blatant Rip-off Of Game Of Thrones

Netflix’s own Dark fantasy series, “The Witcher” which aired exclusively on the gigantic digital platform on December 20, 2019 has been well received by the critics and the audience with the ratings expected about it.

With 67% voting on Rotten Tomatoes and 8.3 rating on IMBD, it’s got a great start, as many people blatantly mistaken it for a bad rip-off of HBO’S massive hit show “Game of Thrones.” Here we are going to bust the bubble why people think of it like that :

1. GoT’s gigantic success overshadowing “The Witcher”

GoT was a once in a lifetime show that this generation would never forget what a phenomenon it was. The year where show’s finale season telecasted, the same year The Witcher released on Netflix. Definitely GoT set a milestone for many shows in the future. But the similarities in the main theme of both shows, Dark Fantasy – Mystery show, people mistakenly took The Witcher as a ‘wannabe’ or ‘replacement’ of GoT. Nobody can take place of GoT ever.

2. Plot, storyline, storytelling are different in both cases :

In GoT we get to witness many different stories of the main characters as well as the supporting ones. Whereas in The Witcher, the whole story is upon one character Geralt of Ravia ( played by Henry Cavill) how he grew up with a beast hunter and become one in the future. It basically tells the adventure the main MC goes through. The storyline in The Witcher goes through 3 timelines. At first it may confuse and audience are left with a question what’s the point, but as the story goes, it all starts to make sense.

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3. The Witcher was written works were published way before GoT :

People mistakenly think that Netflix’s show is blatantly copying the GoT but not many know that The Witcher written book series was published way before the A Song of Ice and Fire released. Not only that there are video games of The Witcher, released during the time of GoT, which were very well received among the audience.


4. Main character looks :

This one’s the most funny and absurd reason of putting a plagiarism tag on the series. Many people accused that Geralt of Ravia( Henry Cavill) look is copied from GoT Daenerys Targaryen character played by Emilia Clarke just because they both have long, luscious silver/blonde locks. And some also said it’s inspired by Orlando Bloom’s character from Lord of the rings.