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The Witcher Season 2 Netflix Do We Have Release Date, Cast Plot and More

After the success of The Witcher first season which attracted a lot of audience on Netflix, the season 2 of Witcher is expected to take the platform by storm.
At one point The Witcher has been the most popular streaming show in the world and also the second most popular series of 2019 after the show Stanger Things. The show is based on the book The Witcher, so we hope to see some great stories from this book in season 2 and also hope for some extra thing added to the season to make it more interesting.

When is it releasing?

The way COVID-19 has disrupted the whole world, the entertainment world is also one of its victims. The WItcher season 2 work started in early 2020 but its work has come to a halt due to the spread of COVID-19 and the production of the show has been suspended by two weeks and seeing the current situation it is expected that it will be extended more. First, the show was expected to release in in early 2021 but now its release date may be pushed back.

About the Cast of the Witcher Season 2:

Netflix has released all the cast for the show. Though maximum characters are returning and are same as the previous one, whats makes everyone excited is that two new witchers are joining the show which is Paul Bullion as Lambert and Yasen Atour as Coën. The other new member joining are Ersted Rasmussen as Eskel, Aisha Fabienne Ross as Lydia and Media Simson as Francesca.

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About the Plot of The Witcher Season 2

In the first season, multiple stories were shown in the different timeline which was a speciality of the show but now according to Lauren Schmidt Hissrich who is the showrunner now the story will be more focused and straightforward and the different stories featured in the first season is expected to merge with each other. This season is expected to be about Geralt who would battle to save Ciri and would train her so that she could come to know about the mysterious power she has. This season is also expected to answer from where Geralt is and would reveal more details about him.