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The Witcher Season 2: Let’s know about Something NEW!!

A very successful and trending American web series ‘ The Witcher ‘ will be releasing in the first half of the year 2021. As about season one, which was completely released with its eight episodes on The Netflix on 20th of December 2019.

There is no official announcement we got, so it is just suspected. But the cast has been started to work.

New casted characters:- 

  • Thue Ersted Rasmussen will be acting as the Witcher Eskel
  • Ages Bjorn will be acting as the Bruxa Vereena
  • Yasen Atour will be acting as the Witcher Coen, who will be the one of the youngest Witcher. It was seen that Coen bounded with Ciri very easily and
  • Kristofer will be acting as Nivellen
  • Paul Bullion will be acting as the Witcher Lambert, who is a very emotional and have trained Ciri in fee fencing.
  • Mecia Simson will be acting as Francesca

A Little Hint about season 2:-

The producer of the American fantasy series The Witcher Lauren Schmidt Hissirich will be filming season 2 in London in the earlier 2020.

 Yennefer was given Ciri by Geralt to teach her magical powers, but it was seen the there is not a teacher and student relation between them but was that of a mother and daughter. Yennefer was the one who loved Geralt from very beginning. But a true lover of Geralt is Triss Merigold. He was spelled, which seduced him. As we know that that the end of the season 1 was that Geralt met his child Ciri who is the child of destiny and hugs her in the plot of Blood of Elves he introduces Ciri to Kaer Morhen. It was seen that he(Geralt) was the father/dad of destiny.

And in season 2, Eskel was a Witcher and almost resembled the Geralt even the age of this old man was nearly the same (about 95- 100 years). There is only one difference which could be seen , Geralt whose hair is white while Eskel has long hair and he has a facial scar which makes him looks like a horrible and dangerous person. When Ciri saw him, she screamed very loudly as he looks like a monster to her.

We know the Witcher Geralt is the powerful Witcher having a white wolf. But here we will see that Ciri, the child of Geralt, is even more potent than Geralt.

There is an another announcement!!

There will be a movie of the Witcher, Animated movie, for the die heart fans of the Witcher.

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