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The Wheel of Time Season 1 : Release Date, Cast, Trailer and The Production to Excite You

Magical Epics in Mystery lands are the most powerful and enigmatic genres of them all. It captivates audiences with its grandeur and owns them up with the form of simple storytelling. Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings are two prime examples of this. A complex tale of greed, power and dominance- elements for a quintessential epic drama.

One such is right under our cards now. We are pleased to inform you that Amazon is coming up with its all new Fantasy Epic. It has been titled The Wheel of Time. It will have a medieval setting with grand graphics and CGI used. Below mentioned are some important details about the show.

Storyline of The Wheel of Time Season 1

Story of the show goes into the far fetched mystical lands. Much like many other novel adaptations, it moves into the parallel universe. In here magic is the most significant trait in any character dimension. Feminism is one virtue that is portrayed aplenty on this show. It also embodies the variety of cultures and customs on which the pillars of humanity have been built. We see the story of a magical crime fighting organization called Aes Sefai.

Moiraine is the protagonist of the story. A powerful magician by herself, she holds an important portfolio in the organization. She is assigned with the task of finding an unlimited potential source of power. This power can make or break the course of humanity. In her journey to seek this power, Moiraine is assisted by five men and women. She however doubts that this source of power is someone among their group. The way she finds out about it and solves the mystery encapsulated the concept of the show.

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Cast members of The Wheel of Time Season 1

The character of Moiraine is played by the brilliant Rosamund Pike. Main antihero character in the story is that of Rand Al Thor. Joshua Stradowski is casted as the main antihero lead. Scores of many popular top notch actors belong to the Bonafide casting list. They include Marcus Rutherford, Zoey Robbins and Medeliene Madden.

Release Date : The Wheel of Time Season 1

No release date for the movie has yet been finalized by the directors. Due to the unforseen circumstances at present regarding the spread of Covid 29, filming is postponed. So the date of release can only be predicted after the post production activities.