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The Walking Dead Season 10: Is Gabriel Going To Die This Season? What Is Expected In Season 10?

The Whisperer War is imminent in Season 10 of The Walking Dead. The revealed title for episode 15 makes us fear for the life of the main character.

The war against Alpha and the Whisperers will escalate in the upcoming episodes of The Walking Dead. It is relatively unlikely that the war will not make victims. The episode titles for the final episodes have now been revealed. One of the titles could allude to an iconic comic death just before the finale.

The 15th episode of season 10 will be titled The Tower. Connoisseurs of the comic book know that a tower plays an important role in the demise of one of the main characters. Of course, we are talking about Father Gabriel Stokes

The Walking Dead: Gabriel could soon bless the temporal

Gabriel Stokes has been part of the cast for The Walking Dead since season 5. Now the series is approaching the time when Gabriel finds a cruel ending in the comics. In comic edition 158, the Whisperer War is in full swing.

Gabriel posts on a water tower, where he panics when he sees Alpha’s mighty biter horde. When he tries to climb down the ladder of the tower, he hangs with his foot. Beta comes upside down, brutally slitting his stomach.

This iconic comic moment has alluded to several times in the series. In season 8 we saw a dead Savior hanging on a tower and most recently in season 9, Eugene fell down the ladder of a tower. The title The Tower is a clear reference to Gabriel’s death scene.

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Gabriel’s demise soon is not so unlikely in view of his character development. After the murder of Siddiq, Gabriel threw his morals overboard and is now driven by revenge, which also severely affects his relationship with Rosita. And revenge makes characters careless.