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The Wait Is Over : Streets of Rage 4 Gives a Blockbuster Entry After a 25 Year Long Wait

Street of Rage 4 recently received its release date. Oh, after such a long period of nearly 26 years. Sega is going to end this wait in April itself! Streets of Rage 4 is fighting game and part of the Streets of Rage game series. The first three games of the series were released during the 90s by Sega. The released version will have many new features.

When is Streets of Rage 4 releasing?

After the game was confirmed, we also got a release date for it. You will finally get access to the game on April 30th 2020. The game will be available on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation.

Streets of Rage 4 Trailer

The trailer came out with the release date itself. It showed us many new features of the game especially, battle mode. We will talk about it below. You can watch the trailer here.

Battle Mode- The new feature

What is so special about this feature that it was specially showcased? Well, this will allow you to choose characters and test your abilities. Doesn’t look cool yet, huh? Not just this, you can do this to three of your friends across different levels.

Even though, the main objective has remained cooperation between friends, it would be good to play against them. I would love to wreck my friends and find out who is the best among us. This feature will also allow us to see which characters and abilities suit us the best. We can get better with controls and hone our skills. This new feature will be available when the game is released.

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The developers of this game are Lizardcube, Guard Crush and Dotemu. They took a trilogy and made it unique without losing the charm of the original ones. It would feel like an old one but at the same time, a breath of the new and fresh air. The devs have done such work on this game without ruining the charm. The game has the best characters and will give the feeling of old games but the levels are very detailed as compared to the ones before. After a long wait, fans will finally be able to play this game.