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The Wait Is Over: Fast and Furious 9 Gives a Blockbuster Entry, Tap to Check Release Date, Cast and Plot

“Fast and Furious”, This franchise is just crazy and people are without a doubt are killing themselves over the fact that even though they have got ” F9: Fast Saga” was about to be released still they didn’t get to see it and for that only one thing was responsible “Coronavirus”.

Fast and Furious 9: What’s Going On??

And it looks like the waiting period has been further extended with now F9 is to be released in 2021. The original date of release was March 22, 2020, but now the date is April 2, 2021. This date was actually the release date of F10 which was supposed to be the last of this franchise. So, yeah in this time we can be relieved from one thing that we still have time to witness the sad climax of this franchise.

The cast is going to remain the same as F8 and with the addition of John Cena who is going to play the bad guy and without a doubt it’s going to be better than ever.

We have a trailer and it looks good and of course, the action scenes are just going to blow the minds of the audience for sure. The delay of the release was due to some technical updates which were required as per their comments. Otherwise, we don’t have any idea.

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Fast and Furious 9: Still want Justice

The only thing is bothering us for now is #Justice for Han as this guy’s life is getting worse and worse and fans can’t stop talking about this character’s sadness. So, It’s a request to the director Justin Lin to make sure by the end of F9 or F10. Han will be able to get someone better than Gisele.

The next thing is for the story we really don’t have an idea but in trailer John who is acting as the brother of Vin. So, it’s kind of a revenge thing.

So, Let’s See What Will Happen in F9 in 2021.