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The Voice: Release Date, Cast, and What you Should Know More

Netflix is a media service provider to entertain people all around the world. It is a platform that everyone generally enjoys the most. The production company of Netflix has headquarters in Los Gatos, California.  Today it is famous because of the series people enjoy watching it. Netflix works on streaming services.

Today Netflix has brought one more new series for online streaming on its app. It is a fantastic platform for the people excited to watch season 1 of The Voice. To be transparent with you, The Voice is the remake of the South Korean drama series.

What will be the story of this fantastic hit drama series?

As stated above, The Voice Season 1 is the remake of the South Korean series. The story must be clear to many people there how. The story has a detective and some talented cops. The duo works together by joining hands to find the truth. They are in search of a murderer who killed the loved ones. Thus once you also find the detective full of guilt at once. The female cop is full of determination. She is a tough girl with some special abilities with psychoacoustics skills. However, a killer in the series and the police will fall in love after that. They will form a strong bond of respect for each other.

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Whom do you expect in the next series?

Well, you may come across many faces at once while you watch this series as Korean Drama. Some artists that you might expect are Khemanit Jamikorn, Saranyoo Prachakit, a Thai model, and an actress Pancake. Also, there is a Summer fame actor Andrew Gregson. You will also find Nattarat Nopparattayaporn, Pat Chatborirak, Piyawatt Nivatvongs, Nuttanan Kunnawat, Phuksanunt Tanamahataweekit, and much more.

The very series will come with 16 episodes. Netflix is available with you every time. Thus you can check it by yourself sitting anywhere in the world for new updates. There is no specification for the release date till now for the series.

Keep connected with us for more and more updates regarding the show. For more details, stay tuned. We know your requirements and perform accordingly.