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The Trip to Greece: When Will It Arrive?

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon have been the best of friends over the years. This hilarious duo have collaborated on a variety of multistarrer casting in over the decades. Their dry sense of humor and amazing impressions have made them extremely endearing figures to crowds of all ages. Steve’s impeccable performance in Night in a Museum has earned accolades from all corners of the world. While Brydon has hosted several comedy shows during that stint in BBC. They have also appeared together on several talk shows over the years.

This is however the first time, that they are both appearing in the same movie. It is titled The Trip to Greece, a short documentary on the beautiful country.

The Trip to Greece: Plot

The movie is a documentary series which basically deals with the trip to the beautiful country of Greece. Two friends are struck in Greece and six days to explore the country. We all know the reference of Odysseus which is made frequently in this movie. It mostly involves both Steve and Bob sitting and having conversations on a variety of topics. These include politics, history, culture and the current regime of modernization in economy and it’s global impacts.

Not only do they visit the most succulent eateries in the country, but they also have their fair share of booze as well. Along with all this they also visit the most important and beautiful hotspots of Greece. Places include The Temple of Apollo, Agora of Athens and Hydra’s Unique Island. Their visits are well documented through the movie and both of them have conflicting views to share about the place. Verbal confrontations between them regarding the most trivial of matters brings out their sense of humor and there are many roll on the floor and laugh moments in the movie.

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The Trip to Greece: Cast Members

Casting list includes a lot of Hollywood Personalities who are eminent in their field. Steve Coogan and Bob Brydon star in the leading roles in the movie. Other actors who form the crux of the supporting cast are Rebecca Johnson and Justin Edwards. Harry Tyler plays the role of a Young Dad and Michael Towns plays the character of Alexander in the movie.

The Trip to Greece: Release Date

Release Date for the movie was fixed on May 20, 2020 for the USA Network. It is supposed to be aired on Netflix. However it might have a delayed release due to the current global situation. Reports are yet to confirm such delay if there is any.