The Trial of Chicago 7 Released Last Weekend on Netflix Failed to Convey Who the Villain Is

The trail of Chicago 7 got released last week and gained real appreciation from public. This is directed by Aaron Sorkin. Initially it was supposed to be released on 25 September but got delayed and released last week. It got good review’s from people and gt 8/10 IMDB ratings.

This movie is about 7 defendants who were in involved in the Vietnam War and got charged of conspiracy by federal government. The whole concet is based on the 1969 and showed police brutality and racial injustice.

Cast of the trail of Chicago 7

Sacha baron cohem played the role of abbic hoffman, eddie redmayne played the role of tom hayden, joseph gordon levitt played the role of richard schultz. Yanya abdul mateen second played the role of bobby seale,  jeremy strong as jerry rubin. Mark rylance played the role of william kunstler, frank langella played the role of julius hoffman etc.

How the Movie Doesn’t Seem Like to Have One Particular Villain

This movie is all about the phase of 1969 in which many event’s happened including the Vietnam War which made many riots to occur. Thousands of soldier were dying and their families were in pain and decided to do movement against government. On April 4 Dr Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated in Memphis Tennessee by a white man due to racism. Police was just going brutal on people socially black people’s as they were fighting with government. In the movie there’s wasn’t one particular person as villain. It as the whole system, the police, the authorities or political rulling party.

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As the election are near, the black lives Matter movement might spark again as this movie showed people suffering from the racism. It showed the mentality of people back then who hold grudge against black people.