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The Trench: Aquaman Movie Release Date and Every Details We Have Here You Should Know That

It seems that the villain is getting more value than the hero “The Aquaman” was quite a movie by DC universe but it seems that the villain of the movie “The Trench” could get a spin-off very soon.

The Trench Aquaman : What’s This All About?

James Wan, The director of the movie has decided to do a horror spin-off series on “The Trench” which tormented Aquaman and Mera in the movie. The producer of the movie Peter Safran is expecting the release of the movie pretty soon before “Aquaman 2” and the release date is not clear yet.

The Trench Aquaman : Why a Spin Off?

The movie is not going to show Aquaman and Mera as the movie’s timeline is going to be after the movie. The producer was thinking about the movie for quite a long time and when the audience reacted for the scene where the trench and the other creatures confront Aquaman it was quite a scene.

There are going to be plenty of movies which are going to be there before Aquaman 2. The producer also talked about the fact that Warner Bros. is not really giving him pressure for anything.

It’s just that the idea is quite intriguing and since Safran is also the producer of the Conjuring Universe, This could be the right time for him to use some of his tricks from the Conjuring Universe.

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Then there was also a lot of plans were there for the other movies and it seems tough but we don’t have any idea regarding the cast members who are going to be there.

With that, there is no trailer regarding the upcoming movie and also there is not even a teaser. So, fans need to wait for a while before we again meet in the city of Atlantis and witness the demonic visage of the trench and his malicious deeds for a long time which is sad, but it’s worth wait for it.