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The Treehouse Detective: Will detective Siblings be back ?

The animated story a brother and sister detective is an South Korean – American Tv series. It is created by ENPOP and Saban Capital Group is in charge of co-production.

What is it about ?

The story of treehouse detective is the journey of sibling detectives who try to solve the mysteries in the world to help their animal friends. They work from their backyard and solve the mysteries with help of Facts and Clues. This series is about educating the kids and guiding them into Teamwork , kindness and active curiosity.

The show is directed by BJ Lee. Two season of the show have been released till date. 20 episodes of the treehouse detective are full of fun , knowledge and Entertainment for kids.

First season of the show was aired on Netflix on 8th June,2018. After renewal of second season ,it premiered on November 9,2018.

Is There going to be season three ??

The show was very popular amongst the preschoolers and their parents. We do expect that show might come back with season three. Since the last season aired, there is no official news of the renewal of the show. We can just hope that Netflix brings back the show and give some relief to mothers of preschoolers.

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What was the cast of the show ?

BJ Lee was the director of the movie. Noam Kaniel worked as composer for the series.

Many talented voice artist have been working for the treehouse detectives. The brother sister duo , Tobby and Terry have been given voices by Broody Allen and Jenna Davis respectively. Philece Sampler gave the voice to rumy who was a nervous pig and good babysitter in the show. Ryan Bartley gave voice to Jay while Leigh Kelly voiced Bean. Wannabe doctor and A Rabbit Millie is voiced by Abby Trott.

Fans who want to revisit the treehouse detectives can find all episodes on Netflix and those who haven’t watched the treehouse detectives at all should give it a try. Till then let’s just wait for the announcement of renewal off the show.