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The Suicide Squad 2 Finishes Its Filming Check All The Details What Director Has to Say

The suicide squad is an upcoming American movie, it is also known as the suicide squad 2 and not a sequel. The suicide squad movie is based on a comics of DC whose name is a suicide squad.

The movie is directed by James Gunn and produced by Charles Roven, Peter Safran, and Simon Hatt. It is said to be the sequel of 2016’s suicide squad but a standalone sequel.

It is the 11th film in the DCEU. The planning of the sequel of 2016’s suicide squad is begun in 2016 in the month of March.

The suicide squad 2 is going to release in the United States in August 6th in 2021.

The 2016’s suicide squad wad directed by the David Ayer and now the upcoming movie 2021 suicide squad is directed by James Gunn who also directed the guardians of the galaxy.

In this article, you will almost find everything that you want to know about the suicide squad 2.

When wills the suicide squad 2 is going to release?

The confirmed date of the suicide squad 2 has been released by its creators and the movie is coming soon in your nearest cinemas too soon but not too soon as you think, the date confirmed by its creators is august 6 in 2021.

So this year is 2021 so you guys have to wait a year to watch your favorite movie.

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Did the film finish filming?

The production and filming work of the movie was started on the 20th of September in 2019 and the work was finished on February 28th in 2020.

the director of the movie also shared a picture with all the cast of the movie and the cast contains Margot Robbie in the role of Harley Quinn, Viola Davis in the role of Amanda Waller, Joel Kinna, Jai Courtney in the role of Captain Boomerang, David Dastmalchian in the role of Polka-Dot man, John Cena in the role of Peacemaker and some others.

The director of the movie shares a cool photo with its cast!!

The shooting and filming of the movie are finished and it is confirmed by the director of the movie by sharing a cool photo with the cast of the movie.

It is confirmed on this Friday and he also shares an emotional caption with the picture which states that his father died two weeks before the filming of the movie and his dog died two weeks before the movie end and it is too hard for him to face all this but still he fights with the situation and complete the filming of the movie!!!