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The Suicide Squad 2 Delayed or Canceled: Is There Any Release Date, Cast and Plot

The effect of Corona and this pandemic lockdown leads to delay of all the industries and affecting economic growth but on a very recent tweet the director of The Suicide Squad 2 i.e. James Gunn has confirmed that there will be no delay in release of the movie. As he mentions that the Coronavirus pandemic has made an indefinite shutdown of the Hollywood leaving a major impact on the entertainment industry.

The director also welcomes the lockdown, as he is working from home on editing his DCEU movie and released a press in no delay of release date of his movie. However the director mentions that no DCEU movies release will be delayed due to this pandemic.

Release Date of The Suicide Squad 2

After the movie jumps from Director Ayer to Director James Gunn, update says he has been gearing up with release of The Suicide Squad 2.

There has been a delay in releasing all the popular movies by the production unit due this severe pandemic but in case of The Suicide Squad 2 there would no delay due to this effect.

As per updates and confirmation from Warner Bros Production, they mentions that the movie will be releasing on 6th August, 2021 without any delay due to Corona Pandemic effect.

Casts in The Suicide Squad 2

There has been rumours that which actor/actress will play which role, so the esteemed director James Gunn has released the list of star cast of Suicide Squad 2 playing their respective roles.

Certain spreaded rumours says that David Dastmalchian may play Polka-dot man role and Peter Capaldi may play a major role in the film, and he may have to go bald head for this role.

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The confirmed cast members for the new movie will be Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney, Joel Kinnaman, and Viola Davis. In a recent updates of cast, it is said that Michael Rooker may play the role of villain King Shark, and the actor denied to be false news. Nothing is confirmed unless they release a clean chit on this.

Unbelievable fact that, Deadshot will not be playing role for the sequel since Will Smith comes up with certain conflicts. One more suspense is we may get a chance to see the numerous Oscar winner The Jocker to make an appearance for the new movie, since it is based on DC comics.

Plot of The Suicide Squad 2

As per the updates collection so far, the plot for The Suicide Squad 2 movies might make a revolution around Harley Quinn, who is the main player in Suicide Squad and as Star Joel Kinnaman depicted that it would be a funny movie since there are lot of hilarious character in this new movie.

Hollywood’s Survival on Corona Pandemic

Since there is a downfall in all sectors and a huge amount of people are dying due to this fatal virus so it would be senseless to say about the effect on Hollywood industry, since there is no cure and no vaccine yet.

But certain measures can be taken like director Gunn is working from home for the new upcoming movie and also mentions there is no effect of corona on The Suicide Squad 2 but there might be some delay in part 3. Certain measures with proper care can be taken to make Hollywood’s Survival during Corona Pandemic.