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The Stranger Season 2: When Will The Series Release On Netflix And Whose In The Cast

Well, We have read our fair share of novels and almost every one of us knows that most of the series which we have these days are kind of based on those novels.

The Stranger Season 2: What’s Going On??

Harlan Coben’s “The Stranger” is one such novel which right now is a Netflix original. The first season of the series was simply impeccable. The very story of a stranger who knows everything about you and your family is more than enough reason to watch it on Netflix.

The series has quite a reputation for leaving the audience in a cliffhanger which at the same time make it suitable for being a binge-watch series. The first season was a hit, ranking within the #Top 10 list of best series on Netflix. It’s really something.

The plot as we all know is a stranger who tells secrets of those people to those who are close to each other creating a whole pattern of mistrust, due to which the families of these persons thrown directly in jeopardy. It also talks a lot about the secrets of “The Stranger” herself and with time the story starts to take a crime thriller with the death of one of her victim’s wife.

Are We Going to Have the Second Season or Not??

It seems that the second season is not something which is going to come as according to the author, it was supposed to be a series with one season. So, there is a chance that we won’t be able to see more of it but there are certain cast members who are saying that there will be a second season. So, let’s see.

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The cast of the series is going to remain the same for sure as there are a lot of cliff hangers revolving around those characters. So, going to see more of it for sure.

There is no trailer for the upcoming season and with no news of the renewal. It doesn’t seem that the season is going to be coming any time soon but we need to consider the words of the people who are involved in it. So, let’s see what’s going to happen.