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The Stranded on Netflix Originals: Will the Movie Come Back for It’s Fans With Season 2?

The Stranded, a Netflix original, is actually the first Thai series to be released on the streaming platform. As the first season received good viewership and was also appreciated, there is a chance for The Stranded season 2. However, that could change.

The show consists of different genres mixed together. There are horror and sci-fi elements which are then coupled with drama. If you want a show that should have these genres then this series would certainly come up.

About The Stranded

In the show, we see that a tsunami hits and everyone either dies or just goes missing. However, 37 students who studying on high-class school, survive. They are on a mysterious and creepy island. The teenagers who are stuck on the island start to experience some phenomenon. So many weird things begin to happen and they know that no one will rescue them. They have to survive on their own and escape when possible.

The first season of the show, received nice responses from the audience. The trill and the other elements really engrossed the viewers.

Plot for The Stranded Season 2

The Stranded left a lot of unanswered questions. For instance, people want to know whether Kraam will be back? What other dangers will be there and how will the teens survive them?

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During this season, we will get to know more about the main character’s real parents. There is a lot for this season to offer. However, the question is whether there will be a second season of the show at all.

There has been no official announcement yet from Netflix or the production team. Netflix has given no trailer yet. There are some theories looming around but none of them seem to stick. If season two happens, it will surely continue from where season 1 was left on.

Release date The Stranded season 2

Netflix is yet to give the fans an official announcement. However, it looks like the show might be released around the same time as the first season. It could release during the fall of 2020. However, it is certainly possible that the date will get changed due to delays because of the pandemic.

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