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The Spy Season 2 Cast and Release Date Is Coming Is There Any New Update

Netflix has consistently delivered some of the most interesting espionage dramas in recent memory. With their gripping plots and tight storyline, such dramas have always been a rage among the fans. Be it The Bodyguard or Narcos, most of them have been some of the most critically acclaimed of them all. Now Netflix is coming with its latest espionage drama The Spy Season 2. Season 1 of the show was extremely successful. Season 2 is expected to be on similar lines as well. Here is some information about the second season of the show.

The Spy Season 2: Plot

Not much information is available about the exact plotline of the story. Producers have decided to keep it a secret with all the online leaks that are going on around us. As much information we could gather about it, we know it is the story of Eli Cohen. Cohen is a former Mossad agent who is deployed to Syria in an undercover role. The premise of the story is set in the 1960s. Through his extreme intelligence skills, Eli befriends some of the most influential people in the military. Using his well-established contacts, he gets to know about the plans of Syria against Israel’s nuclear warhead. After hearing the conspiracies, Eli is distraught and wants to help his motherland. But he is stuck between duty and personal emotions. He soon realizes the kind of mess he has got himself into.

The Spy Season 2: Release Date

Season 2 of Spy will release on September 6th, 2020. The day for the release of the series has been decided on a Friday. However, it is a part of the Netflix Originals instalment. Thus it will not be available on any other online streaming platform. The likes of which include Amazon Prime, Hotstar and Hulu.

The Spy Season 2: Cast Details

Sacha Baron Cohen would be playing the protagonist of the story, Eli Cohen. This would be a completely different endeavour for the talented actor who played Borat and Admiral General Aladeen. Along with him would be other actors like Hadar Ratzon Rotem and Noah Emmerich.

Espionage dramas are always a concept which is very elusive for human mind. With Sacha Baron Cohen in a serious role, audience will be more intrigued.

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