The Sims 4 Some News About There 6 Month Roadmap

After the last major expansion, it has been few months to The Sims 4.

According to EA senior Producer Michael Duke, there will be more in the game.

The Sims receives the three different types of ‘packs’ to serve in-game.

The last larger expansion was Discovery University.

The all-new stuff in-game has been ranking expansion pack from worst to the best.

According to the tweet of Michael Duke, the new stuff pack is promising the best from last all stuff of the game. And the games pack within the next six months.

The fans of the game were frequently asking Michael about the next pack and they were curious to know the content of the new pack for the game.

And not more Duke shared information about the upcoming new pack of the game and hasn’t revealed the theme of the new pack.

However, Duke has added that the company is working to design the game with the perspective that the player should play games while staying in Home and playing together with family members.

Thus, The Sims will be a hopefully multiplayer game.

The Sims 4 has already eight expansions with sixteen stuff pack.

Thus the fans have to hold their patience for the next six months for a new pack of the game.

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In the funny way to stay home and play together this theme-based multiplayer mode of the new pack by which the makers want to help the community of players to connect with each other by maintaining social distance.

The team has written on a blog the message for fans according to that blog they will share more details about the game and for now, the team is focusing to build new experiences for players to ensure the growth and continuity of game as they are more concerned about the players.