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The Seven Deadly Sin Season 4 Release date, cast, plot and other details revealed

The Seven Deadly Sins is the 4th most binge-watched show on Netflix after it gained success with massive popularity among the fans. The anime fans are extremely obsessed with this series.
This Japanese Manga series is created and embellished by Nakaba Suzuki. This series is set in the fictional version of British Isles where the ‘Holy Knights’ safeguard the kingdom of Liones. The immense craze for the three seasons paved way for a fourth season. Let’s see what we know about the season 4 so far.

Release date
No specific date is confirmed by Netflix yet. But as we all know that ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ already broadcasted in Japan on January 8, 2020, we predict that Netflix will release is around the end of this year. The fans worldwide have to wait for a bit more longer. Meanwhile the Japanese fans are already engaged. The new season will comprise of 24 episodes, which can elongate to almost 48 episodes as it has to cover the remaining chapters. We are still waiting for the official date for release by Netflix.

Plot: what do we expect in season 4?
The storyline of this Manga series revolves around the Princess Elizabeth of kingdom of Liones. She thinks that she can refill the kingdom with prosperity and harmony by assembling the seven deadly sins. They do this in order to annex the kingdom from the Holy Knights. With the help of Meliodas and Hawk, she goes to find the seven sins.
On the other hand the storyline of the season 4 will unveil many cryptic things. We may get a chance to see and analyse the relationship of Meliodas with Elizabeth. We will also see the reunification of the seven deadly sins in the season 4.

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We have the following cast in ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’,
• Elizabeth voiced by Sora Amamiya
• Meliodas voiced by Yuki Kaji
• Hawk voiced by Misaki Kuno
• Ban as Tatsuhisa Suzuki
• King voiced by Jun Fukuyama
• Diane by Aoi Yuki
And many others.

The fourth season of this epic anime series will be named ‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath Of The Gods’. And the fans are super excited to unfold a new set of mystery. You just have to wait for a few months.

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