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The Series at What Stage Based on Popular Game Hitman Here Is the Expected Date on Hulu

Hitman has been a popular game series for a long time. It was developed by IO interactive and published by Square Enix. Now, it is on the way to becoming a tv series. Finally, fans will see live action hitman with his cunning and smart tactics. We are very excited for some awesome action.

When Will the Hitman TV Series Premiere?

Even though, the video game series is certainly popular, we have to look at this with another perspective. The creators of this series have not released a trailer or a teaser. After they do that, we will have ourselves a release date. Only official announcements and fan-treats remain.

Who Will Be a Part of the Cast?

Firstly, we have no idea who will be the actor in the show. However, we can say that some characters are known because its pretty self-explanatory. Agent 47 will take us through an intense journey. Diana Burnwood will have his back. Dr. Otto will be there too. Many characters from the video games might become a part of the show. Here’s to hoping we will visit India in an episode.

What Will Be the Plot of Hitman Television Series?

There is high possibility that the show might be different from the games. However, we can deduce that it might still turn out to be as intense and thrilling. There is also a possibility that the show could have many elements from the games. We might see different assassination targets for each episode.

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The Hitman franchise has had two novels and one graphic novel. How cool is that? The series has always revolved around Agent 47. He is mysterious, clever and murderous. He works as an assassin. Agent 47 is one of the best, if not the greatest, assassin. We might see him taking on different targets or following one particular target.

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