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The Seath Jackson Murderer Charlie Ely to Get Bail Now

Charlie finally wins her freedom to get out of jail. For her involvement in the 2011 death of Seath Jackson who was 15-year-old then, she had completed a prison sentence after the federal judge overturned her conviction. The 27-year-old was pleaded guilty to a lesser charge on Wednesday.

Ely Is Being Released

There was an appeal to her conviction by her attorney Jose Baez which led to the events of her release. Her attorney Baez expressed his views and said, “It’s a bittersweet day. I’ve been fighting for her for eight years. I’m really happy that she’s getting out. But she’s forever scarred. This was a plea of convenience. She maintains her innocence, and the facts show she’s innocent.”

He further added, “This case is a perfect example of being careful who you hang around with. Charlie was mixed up with the wrong group of people. Her crime was being present at the scene. She is just a victim of being present. She had no role in the murder, no role in the cleanup. No role in this whatsoever.”

The plea hearing was done via video call while Ely was still in Marion county jail. Because of the pandemic, there was an empty courtroom aside from the significant members.

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Since 2011 her attorney Baez has been trying hard to appeal her conviction and finally, it bears fruit. She was 18 years than when she was sentenced to prison and at present, she is 27 years old.

What Had Happened in 2011?

Jackson, 15, was lured into Ely’s home and where he was put to death. His body was burnt in a fire pit, then, Jackson was beaten and shot to death. On of the involved was Charlie Ely who was only 18 years old back then. Michael Bargo, the ringleader is at the row of death for his crimes. So after 9 long years behind the bar, Ely is finally going to get free of the prison.