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“The Scheme” Review: You will love the documentry if you are a college basketball fan

The Texas base film and production company should be made the southwest premiere at the paramount theatre of ‘the scheme’. This documentary is based on the real-life incidents of Christan Dawkins. Who was the popular basketball player in the college of his time?
The two hours documentary is directed by Pat Kondelis. The film has is having dozens of the sixteen teams in NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. This film is not for everyone, it will interest only the college basketball players.

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Earlier the Christian Dawkins has decided to change his pathway as he realized that athletic glory was not the visionary idea for his film in the future. ‘The Scheme’ became rapidity famous in teenagers and achieved to become nationwide popular in 2017. The storyline of the film is based on the life of a college-going teenager and the struggle he made to achieve fame in his Basketball Career.

The film is aired on HBO after being canceled to be streamed on SXSW. The story shows an ambitious man becomes focused on many of the major federal operation aims to expose the corruption in NCAA. This led to the resignation of Rick Pitino but the truth remains hidden that is revealed in the film.
The system controls and hides the truth about the corruption happening in the NCAA. This film has tried to reveal government reality. A little bit sorry line is quite frustrating. This film truly defines the life history of Christan Dawkins, the man from Michigan who has struggled from the young age, the film depicts the tragic life from an undiagnosed heart condition to fight against the corruption.

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His father was a basketball the famous coach, so Dawkins wanted to be a basketball player since the teenage. He was an extraordinary school basketball player then after a long struggle to get into the NBA. He became a coach for the basketball team in his college later on the government found him as the lead person to the massive corruption chain.
‘The Scheme’ reveals the reality of the corruption deal between the government and a coach. As he was bribed by the government and the coach got a way to be pushed into corruption. So, geed is the core theme of the story of an ambitious man.