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The Safety Truck By Samsung Could Revolutionize Road Safety


We All know that road safety is the one the main motive for the people in today’s life. Imagine the situation You can drive a car behind the Semi-trailers it’s can be a nightmare.

It is dangerous for you but now in modern days, we have technology one of the most powerful things that we have.

Now finally we have the solution to defend these types of situations in our life Samsung has to develop the solution for Road safety, especially for the car driver behind the Semi-trailers.

According to Samsung Video, one person dies in one hour on a daily bases in Argentina. Think about how it is dangerous for our life.

But know we have Solution so don’t worry about it all credit goes to Samsung Electronics Argentina.

How Does it Work?

The safety truck has a wireless camera attached to the front of the truck which connected to the Big Monitor Screen located on the back of the truck.

The Big Monitor screen gives drivers behind the Semi-trailers truck a view of what’s going on ahead of the truck so that drivers can safely pass ahead of the truck.

the main benefit of this feature that drivers can see the view of the front and they can decide that time overtaking is safe or not.

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Another advantage of this safety truck is it can reduce the risk of a road accident while the sudden braking or animals crossing the road.


So this is all about the Samsung Safety truck I hope you guys really excited about this technology. Samsung claims the working together with Argentina local government.

The prototype of this Safety truck is successfully tested currently no perfect module figure out for this safety truck.

Let’s wait and see how much time it take to decide on a perfect module.