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The Rookie Season 3 Cast, Release Date and When Will Be the Trailer Coming Out ??

John Nolan, an architect who changed his career to become a police officer. The Rookie has had two seasons so far and it has surely come a long way. The show is special because even though it focuses on one character, it does not forget about the others. It is fun, goofy, filled with action and each moment with action, keeps you on the edge.

The Rookie Season 3 Release Date

The two seasons of The Rookie have done really well among the audience. It received really good rating and fans clearly loved Nathan Fillion in action.

Since, the second season has just ended yesterday, we cannot say anything about the release date for the third season. However, we can expect that due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, the production for the third season will be delayed. Instead of seeing the new season during fall 2020, it could change to early 2021.

Trailer Details for The Rookie Season 3

Well, since the production for season three has not even started yet. However, when the production does happen, it won’t be long before the trailer is released.

The Rookie Season 3 Cast Details

Of course, the main cast will return for the show even if it has not been confirmed yet. The Rookie is nothing without the help of its main cast. For instance, Nathan Fillion plays the role of John Nolan. Mekia Cox and Melissa O’Neil who play Harper and Lucy Chen, respectively. Besides them, we cannot forget Alyssa Diaz and Eric Winter who play Lopez and Tim Bradford.

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The Rookie About the Show

As I talked about John Nolan at the start, he has been through a lot. He has a son but not a wife because they are divorced. He moved to LA and became a rookie on the LAPD. The show gives the audience, intense moments for cops who go out on patrol and encounter different situations. It is bright and you get the feeling of being in LA.

The characters fool around and have fun with each other during their free time as well as at HQ. However, when they are on patrol, they focus on their jobs and protect the citizens in the city. The show continuously moved ahead at the great pace and keeps you engaged.

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