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The Rolling Stones Will Be Joining the “One World Together” on Home TV

On Friday, The Rolling Stones has announced that the old rock & roll band will join on Saturday for ‘One World “Together at Home’ on Television this consort will be streamed to raise money to fund, which will be contributed for a fight against Coronavirus pandemic.
According to the Rock band, this is honored for them to be part of the ‘One World: Together at Home,’ which will be specially broadcasted for the viewers sitting at home during the lockdown. you can also go through to check all the details and events on the official who website

The band has stated that this will be a fantastic event that will joint global citizens and will give hope through aesthetic means; this will work for creating unity across the globe.
‘The one world: Together at Home’ is not just a concert but this is the honors the World’s health workers fighting the pandemic as Corona-warriors that will include some short films depicting the same theme and will help to raise funds that will be an effort made by every citizen around the globe and by the famous, massive fan following celebrities like Lady Gaga. This aims to provide medical personnel and supplies to assist the World Health Organization’s effort.

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The Rolling Stone Rock & roll will be joining Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder and Billie Eilish for the fundraising concert. The concert will be streamed on Television for two hours at 8 p.m on channels like ABC, NBC, CBC, iHeartMedia, and Bell Media network.
This event will also include the appearance of World famous orator and Philosopher Oprah Winfrey, Taylor Swift, Elton John, Jennifer Lopez, David and Victoria Beckham, Pharrell Williams, Eddie Vedder, Kerry Washington, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Celine Dion, Lizzo, J Balvin, and Andrea Bocelli.

This concert will be streamed online, also like on online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Instagram, YouTube, and other digital platforms. Through this concert, they have raised $35 million in seven days to contribute to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.