The Rock’s MCU Obsession Is to Blame for ‘Black Adam’ Failure as Chris Pine Admits ‘Star Trek’ Can Never Match Marvel

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There’s a lot to be thankful for in the world of sci-fi TV right now, what with fresh episodes of The Last of Us arriving weekly and The Mandalorian now back on our screens for its third season. Things aren’t so positive in the sci-fi movie sphere, unfortunately, as we take a look back at the mistakes Dwayne Johnson made with DC’s Black Adam and the ongoing absence of any new Star Trek film on the big screen. Marvel might not be in the healthiest shape right now, but the MCU is still consuming every other franchise in its shadow…

The Rock was too caught up with an impossible Marvel crossover to make a Wonder Woman Black Adam cameo happen

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There are various reasons why Dwayne Johnson’s attempt to stage a DCU coup didn’t work, but the biggest is probably that the star bit off more than he could chew. The whole problem can be seen in microcosm with the way he failed to make a Wonder Woman cameo happen in Black Adam because he became too obsessed with the pie-in-the-sky idea of a Marvel crossover with Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool. The Rock should’ve stuck to a team-up with Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince and, who knows, maybe he would’ve been working on Black Adam 2 right now.

Chris Pine gets real about “cursed” Star Trek 4, admits the franchise will never make Marvel money and shouldn’t even try

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While Star Trek TV is in a new golden age, Star Trek in the movies has ground to a halt, with Paramount failing to get a fourth film for the Kelvin timeline crew out of the landing bay for the past seven years. It’s got so bad that even Captain James Tiberius Kirk himself, Chris Pine, has admitted that the franchise is probably “cursed.” In a surprise honest confession, the actor has stressed that Trek is never going to make Marvel money and the studio needs to learn to aim a little smaller with its ambitions and, instead of making big blockbusters, cater to the devoted Trek fandom instead. Listen to your captain, Paramount.

It took precisely one episode for The Mandalorian season three to give us Last of Us vibes

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We all knew that, once The Mandalorian started its new season, the comparisons to Daddy Pedro Pascal’s other hit TV series would start pouring in. And, sure enough, the Star Wars show launched its third run this Wednesday and it wasted no time in dropping a scene that had some serious Last of Us energy to it. Horror isn’t a genre we often associate with the galaxy far, far away, but one sequence featuring a dismembered zombie droid trying to kill Grogu almost felt like it had wandered out of HBO’s hit dystopian drama. Fingers crossed Nick Offerman will show up next week to seal the deal.