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The Rising of The Shield Hero Season 2 Trailer, Expectations, New Cast:


The rising of the shield hero is a novel series that was modified into a manga series. The series was written by the “Aneko Yusagi” the writer of the Japenese light novels series. The novel was first published as a web novel, and after that, it was presented in animation form.


Here is good news for all the “The rising of the shield hero” lovers. The Rising Of the shield hero is coming back with a new season. The news was officially announced at Crunchyroll expo 2019. The audience is expecting that the season will be out by the end of this year. The season is more challenging for Naofumi and his team. They all fill face more challenges in this season, and this will entertain their lovers.
As the trailer and the release date is not confirmed yet for the second season. The show is under production now.

New Cast:

All the characters are the same as they are in the previous season.
Kaito Ishkawa as Naofumi lwatami
Asami Seto as Raphtalia
Rina Hidaka as Filo
You will see all three facing a new enemy in this season. There is also a turtle in this season carrying a whole empire in his back.

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