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The Rising of The Shield Hero Season 2: All you need to know!

Anime Fans here are eager to know when the second season of The Rising of The Shield Hero will be aired. The reason that the series was renewed for straight two seasons at once is because of the immense success that the show had. It is obvious for the fans of anime to wait for years to get a new season. When ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero’ was announced to be renewed for two more seasons, the main reason was that the show was widely successful during the first one.

Will there be Season 2?

Anime fans here should be delighted to know that the popular anime adoption of Aneko Yusagi’s novels will have two more seasons. This news was confirmed by producer Crunchyroll. The previous season had 25 episodes. The cast was cheerful and had great chat with fans and thanked the viewers.

What is new about the cast?

The original cast is yet again to set there marks as their previous same roles. Billy Kametz will voice the protagonist Naofumi Iwatani. Erica Mendez and Brianna Knickerbocker both will be returning as Rapthalia and Filo. The highly-rated show will this time also present the talented anime veteran, Sarah Bridcutt, who will be returning as Myne.

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What’s the Plot?

Producer Junichiro Tamura recently took part in AMA on Reddit and promised to “protect” fan favorite, Rapthalia. However, he mentioned his favorite character is Naofumi. Fans are well aware of the fact that the anime has arguably drifted away from the novel. The ending is likely to be completely different from the novel. Season 2 will pick up from manga Volume 12. It is highly possible that season 2 will be taking the anime ahead of the manga. Although Season 3 will then adapt a story arc beginning from very Volume 10 of the light novels.

Are there any spoilers for fans?

No spoiler is set so far to spoil the excitement of the fans. The rebuilding declaration has developed to be a great deal. And talking about season 3, it will furthermore be updated. Also, the uniqueness of the subsequent season was moreover printed to the fans and for them inside the Crunchyworld Expo 2019.

What should make Fans more excited?

An exciting return of the brave hero and his adorable pretty companion Rapthalia is all set to make this season a big hit. There will be New villains, more transformations of the Shield and more exciting battles making it another hit season.