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The Rain Season 3 Episode 1 Release Date, Cast and Story All We Know So Far

The first 2 seasons of the Danish Drama The Rain have been fascinating for the fans. This show is based on the themes of a post-apocalyptic world and a virus that is growing stronger and engulfing human beings day by day. Sounds familiar? Then there is also the issue of climate change which has been addressed in the previous seasons of the show and will again play a huge role in this one as well. Netflix generally takes a month to confirm the renewal of a new season. It was not different in this case as well. Netflix confirmed that The Rain would be returning for a final and third season of the show.

The Rain Season 3 Episode 1: Plot

Season 3 would like to tide over all the loose ends and the cliffhangers that it had leftover from the previous seasons. We see that Rasmus is captured and his fellow mates would definitely like to free him. However, what we don’t know is what Apollon is intending to do with him. Whether he is looking to inseminate the virus on humanity and cause more harm by cultivating it is still unknown at this point of time. Many other characters in the series have come in contact with the virus and it is become more and more vicious day by day. What the characters would be doing in the final season in order to completely eradicate the virus would definitely be something worth watching. All the questions we have after the previous seasons would possibly be answered after the completion of this finale season. Weather change is another issue which would again be addressed in this season of the show as well. We will see how the directors of the show address that issue as well, previously claiming that in their own land of Denmark rains have become common and the snow is gradually melting quite rapidly.

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The Rain Season 3 Episode 1: Release Date

According to Netflix, the previous two seasons of the show had released in the month of May. However this year the situation is different due to the ongoing Pandemic situation. Thus due to the inevitable delay, no proper release time frame is known at this point in time. The number of episodes that the final season is going to have is also unknown at this point in time as well.

The Rain Season 3 Episode 1: Cast Details

Many of the cast members would be returning for the final season of the show. The characters which we might again see in the third season of the show include Rasmus, Simone, Martin and Patrick. Other associate characters like Fie, Kira and Sten may also return.