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The Racket Of Duplicate ‘Tocilizumab Injection’ Busted From Gujarat

The current burning and the most shocking news is from Surat, Gujarat, where a major raid has been busted. The Food and Drugs Control Administration (FDCA) has recently booked four culprits and busted their racket regarding illegal selling of the COVI-19 life saving immunosuppressive drug. The drug is known as Tocilizumab under the brand name Actemra. The culprits have been arrested under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, and also under the Essential Commodities Act.

Those four persons were illegally selling the drugs at a price of Rs 57,000 per vial. Whereas, the Government of India makes this drug available to the patient at a rate of Rs. 40, 545. The price which those culprits were selling was 16,455 more as compared to the price at which Government was making it available for the COVID-19 patients.

The racket was been busted by the FDCA when they sent a dummy customer to buy the following drug. A well-planned trap was laid down by the officials to catch the culprits. A woman named Uma Saket Kejriwal who is a Surat-based wholesaler runs a pharma named Sarthak Pharma, had put up a WhatsApp status. In her status, she mentioned about the stock of Acterma Injection. And that is when the officials sent a customer to her pharma along with a doctor’s prescription.

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Kejriwal at the moment asked the customer to pay her Rs. 57,000 and that is when she was being caught. The amount was also been recovered from her along with two more Tocilizumab injection from her possession. On her arrest, she disclosed the name of the person from whom she bought the injections for Rs. 50,000 that too without any bills. The pharma who sold her injections is Surat based, New Shanti Medicines.

All the accused have been caught in Ahmedabad by the FDCA team.

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