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The Promised Neverland Season 2 has been planned to release in 2020

It is the hit manga in weekly shonen jump that has been rising in popularity over the past year so due to the amazing writing and drama that the franchise brings many fans have compared it to death note and this is actually a comparison you can hear quite a bit or people usually say this is the next death note or promised Neverland is the closest thing to death note coming out a jump in this era i’d have to agree to be honest but i am not sure if this is because I’m just unaware of the similar series or because Neverland is really that good.


First of all Neverland impresses its audience because its actually quit shocking for a weekly shonen manga about bunch of children the actual subject matter is fairly dark in the show they aren’t afraid to kill the characters and the dramatic angles that some character are seen from really helps to apply the main tone your perspective into this world comes from children everything is bigger to them than it seems and this is true for the enemies and their challenges but in classic shown in fashion we have the characters that see the giant challenges before them as obstacles that they must overcome and that’s what make the promise Neverland so good.
Basically they have children living in beautiful orphan and they are daily gone through examination which makes them so sharp and unique children and best baseline of the series

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The first season of the Neverland was released on January 11th 2019 .The release of season two is planned in 2020 its officially not declare when yet but is expected to get released in march or April. Audience is waiting like crazy panda for the nest season the Promised Neverland prove to be the most wanted series of the year.