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The Promised Neverland Chapter 173 Release Date, Cast Streaming Details and Spoilers

The Promised Neverland Chapter 173 will be releasing on March 29, this year, 2020. New chapters are released after a week, indicating that the last chapter 172 was released on March 22, 2020.

Where Will It Be Available

The Promised Neverland Chapter 173 can be read when they will get released on viz media and the official channel of Shueisha’s Manga plus, else it can also be downloaded from the official website and app.

What’s the Plot

In the last chapter, we saw that Emma and Peter putting an end to the long-suffering to live in peace, and Emma promised the demon lord, but it was still a mystery in the last chapter, so probably this chapter will continue the same storyline.

It is assumed that this chapter where Emma would be seen depicting her hatred for Peter and understanding that whatever happened was just destiny. They would probably be seen to agree to a common point that neither Julius was at fault. Emma was observed to act awkwardly, so it would be interesting to know further as to which stream this story takes after her reactions. Lewis can be seen alive, and in this chapter, we will get to know the reasons behind this.

So, it would be interesting to know about what will happen next as it remains a mystery.

Cast and Crew

It had received an 8-star rating, and the credit goes to the cast and the crew-

The cast of chapter 173 includes-SUMIRE MOROHOSHI as EMMA, MARIYA ISE as RAY, MAAYA UCHIDA as NORMAN. The writing credit was taken by KAIU SHIRAI, directed by MOMORU KANBE.

This chapter will be as interesting as the previous ones, and the fans are seen to be quite excited with high hopes!

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