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The Preference Of The University Of Liberty To Remain Open During Lockdown Leads To Coronavirus Attack For 11 Students

On this Sunday, Jerry Falwell JR – President of Liberty University announced the soon reopening of colleges, which would allow the return to the campus of thousands of students and faculty, contrary to almost all other colleges and universities in the U.S. — even though the coronavirus continues to rage and the city in issue to discourage this move.

Speaking at a Richmond news conference, Governor Ralph Northam criticized Liberty as sending ‘mixed messages’ on COVID-19, though it said to be one of the nation’s largest and leading evangelical colleges. The disease has crippled economies, imposed limits on travel, and swamped healthcare systems for millions of people on this planet.

At present, 11 students, who have symptoms, three are sent to hospitals for examination and waiting for results, while eight are sent to self-quarantine, according to a source.

According to an email to students, residential students were said to be welcomed back to the campus. The decision defied several other institutions of higher education such as Charlottesville, the University of Virginia, which claimed that only students with “no other choice” could stay on campus, and the residence of William & Mary was closed.

Northam, a doctor, begged not to reopen campus with Falwell but was dismissed.

Later, Liberty University issued a statement: ‘The Lynchburg community belongs to our students! They work, have homes, contribute economically, and pay taxes. It is unlikely if they are forbidden or prevented from choosing to use the shelter and food sources that they paid for in times of crisis’.

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‘We had our own people’s firestorm asking,’ What’s happening? “Tweedy, the mayor, said Mayor Treney.

The former executive of the University of Liberty said, ‘It’s very stubborn,’ another Falwell linked. ‘He doesn’t think anybody should tell him how to do something and he’ll do whatever he wants.’ ‘In his character, it’s much. It is a trait of the family. His dad was like this.

On Twitter, Jeff Brittain, father of Liberty, wrote that he is as right-wing as I am, buddy. Also, the student father says that it’s nuts, reckless, and it seems like a cash benefit to college as the parent of 3 of your students. “Mr. Falwell replied, calling him a ‘dummy.’

Mr. Best, the student who wrote on Facebook, said in an interview, “It’s frankly hard to understand what the motives are. “He’s far more conservative if he had purely political motives than Trump. At least Trump encourages doctors to say their piece. Jerry isn’t. At this point, it scares even much.