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The Planet Of The Apes The Legendary Franchise Is Eyeing Another Reboot.

It was reported last December that a new planet ‘Planet of the Apes’ movie was in development. Speculations lay whether it would be a sequel to the previous movie or a reboot. Now word’s come in that it’ll apparently be the latter.

The Reported Story Of The New Movie And The Buzz Around It

Rise, Dawn and War of the Planet of the Apes were all set in present day or near future. The audiences were mesmerized as the apes established their own society and wiped out humanity. The survivors started loosing intelligence by the third installment of the movie. By the end of the trilogy, Caesar led the apes to their new home and died of his injuries. His friend Maurice assured him that his son Cornelius would know about him.

With Caesar’s story complete, a perfect point to jump forward nearly two millenniums is created. The ape society has evolved in nature and societal structure. The new movie offers the scope to tweak things like appearance, architectural designs etc. There’s also room to tie back to the trilogy. But its plausible one could enjoy the new one, without having seen the preceding trilogy.

The spread of the ALZ-113 virus and the ship being ‘lost in space’ were major plot points. The previous movies had laid their groundwork on these plot points. Thus, it is highly feasible that the new movie might show humans in an ape controlled future.

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The Release Date Of The New Planet Of The Apes Movie

The filming of this project set to begin later this year. Thus it would be put on track for a 2022 release. 20th Century Fox is eager to get rolling on this movie irrespective of the time table. Perhaps that means that the casting news could arrive in the coming months.

Who Would This New Planet Of The Apes Movie Be Directed By?

Maze Runner Director Wes Ball is reported to be hired for directing this movie. Interestingly enough, Matt Reeves, the producer of Wes Ball’s shelved project Mouse Guard, is also involved. His involvement might drift the movie towards a sequel or direct continuation of the previous films.