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The Pandemic Has Been the Season of Breakups; A List of the Celebrities Who Broke up During the Pandemic

By now, one must be living under a rock if he says he is not aware of the impacts that Coronavirus has had on the existence of humanity. Leaving the physical and economic harm that it has caused to the society, it has been absolutely detrimental to the growth and development opportunities of the economy. Due to the ill effects of the virus, it is very difficult to revive the economy in the upcoming financial quarters.

Thus it has left a huge void in the pocket of the consumers and his or her earning ability. But the main area where the disease has struck is the emotional turmoil that it has caused. With the Pandemic at large, there have been lockdown situations. Many couples have stayed separated from each other and that has created a wide communication gap. At times the problem has been the opposite scenario. Restricted to being at home under the constant supervision of your partner, one tends to feel claustrophobic and that has resulted in divorces and breakups. Following are some of the divorces that have taken place this year.

Jennifer Gray and Clark Gregg

Clark Gregg had become a household name after portraying the character of Agent Phil Coulsen in the Marvel Movies. He had been in a marriage of 19 years with Jennifer Gray. Recently in an Instagram post which the couple made public, they wrote that they had mutually separated. Misunderstandings and Miscommunication were the prime reasons behind the couple separating. They wrote the post that the decision although mutual was difficult to take after almost staying together for 20 years.

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Timothy Chalamet and Lily-Rose Depp

The relationship between Timothy Chalamet and Lily-Rose Depp was talked about one. Timothy over the years through his roles in Call Me By Your Name had become a youth sensation and an icon among the teenagers among this generation of millennials. Lily-Rose too garnered a lot of attention due to her surname. It was revealed that the two had broken up mutually due to communication problems they were facing owing to the Pandemic and subsequent lockdown.

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson

The couple were together for 10 months. But friends for 10 years were not able to become partners for life. Cyrus revealed through an Instagram post that she had broken up owing to their differences. The news came after Miley had ended her short marriage and long relationship with Liam Hemsworth the previous year.