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The Orville Season 3: Release Date, Streaming, Cast, Plot Everything You Should Know

The Orville is now to return for its third season and fans can’t wait anymore. The series recently switched from US network Fox to Hulu. This season of the series is going to come out as work of 21st Century Fox and Disney works.

But all the next season of the series is going to come out as Hulu original. The series is about a story that involves all the characters and their stories in outer space. An adventure crew gets on a spaceship to explore the space. In their journey, they travel into the future and face very hard and difficult situations.

The series is very loved and has fans all over the world. With the recent news of its season three going to come out soon fans are very excited.

Release Date and streaming platform

Unfortunately, there is no official statement on the release date of the new season. But the creator of the sires Seth MacFarlane stated that the series is going to come out of Hulu in the latter end of 2020. This announcement was made in the San Diego Comic-Con earlier this year. The series is going to be streaming of Hulu.


The plot of the new season is still not out for the viewers. But the fans believe that whatever it maybe it is going to be very enjoyable. The sci-fi series that is filled with adventure is set to be 400 years in the future.

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It also follows The USS Orville that is a very average level spaceship. The crew that stays inside the ship contains both the human and alien species. The crew together faces all the hardships and adventures despite dealing with everyday life problems.


The creator of the series is going to star once again as he has been doing for the past two seasons. Once again MacFarlane is going to play the role of Captain Ed Mercer.

The other stars that will be on the series are returning star of Marvel Agents of SHIELD Adriane Palicki and John Wick. Several other stars will feature in the series like Penny Johnson, Peter Macon, Mark, Jackson, J lee and Scoot Grimes. The new season will be funny and enjoyable.