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The Order Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Plot and Will We See Jake Manely as a Cast ?

Horror is a genre that is so much more liked and appeals to people of all generations. We might watch something frightful with our eyes closed. But the sensation of watching something supernatural also encompasses the thrill and excitement attached to it.

Thus when The Order released on Netflix, fans were super delighted to get a TV show of the horror genre. And their excitement was well rewarded with The Order getting critically acclaimed. Now it seems that a second season is on the cards.

The Order Season 2: Plot Details

The Order tells the story of Jack Morton. Jack is a teenager who is a newcomer to the school. Upon his arrival he gets involved with a prehistorically found social organization named Hermetic Order. As he involves more and more in the activities of this organization, truths unveil. These truths link him back to the horrific events of the past on which the foundations are based on. Morton also gets to know that an imminent fight between Werewolves and other demonic beings from hell is about to happen. Season 2 will majorly focus on how he negates his way through all this information gathered by him.

The Order Season 2: Cast Details

The majority of the cast members for this second season is supposed to remain the same. Jack Manely will return to play the character of Morton. Sarah Gray will play the role of Alyssa. Matt Prewer will star as Pete and Sam Tramell as Eric. Associating characters like Vera, Lilith and Randoll will also be making a comeback in the show. Actors like Katherine Isabella, Davery Jacobs and Adam Demarco will play the above-mentioned roles respectively.

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The Order Season 2: Release Date

Season 1 of the show aired on Netflix in 2019. It is expected that Season 2 will arrive somewhere around June 2020. But the timeline can be scheduled due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Obvious delay in the release of the show will take place. Many other shows have already been delayed due to the halt in activities because of this situation.