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The Order Season 2 : Here All the Question Regarding Cast and Plot

The Order is a Netflix Originals series that premiered on the digital platform back in the last year. This horror drama fiction received a good response from the onlookers and viewers. As the show has completed its one year anniversary, the fans are anticipating whether the series will get another season or not. Well, we have all the information regarding the same. Read to know about the when will the season 2 come, who all will be in it and the storyline they will follow.

When Season 2 of The Order will premiere?

Netflix officially confirmed that the show will be getting another run. That means Season 2 is happening. But they didn’t revealed a fixed release date for the same. The streaming giant also confirmed that the show will have a total of 10 episodes, just like Season 1.

And for a matter of fact, the insiders told that the show has a contract for three seasons with Netflix. It means in future, we can see the happening of Season 3.

Who Will Be in the Cast This Time?

We can expect to see most of the cast from Season 1 coming back to reprise their roles. We will see Jack Manley as Jack Morton, Sarah Gray as Alyssa, Adam Di Marco as Randall Carpice, Katherine Isabelle as Vera Stone.

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What is the story of The Order all about?

The story revolves around Jack Morton, who is in his own mission of avenging his mother’s death by finding the murderer. For this, he joins a fabled secret society called the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose, which is filled with magic and monsters, werewolves and dark devil arts.

What’s Going to Happen in Season 2?

Nothing much is told from the makers what fans can see in the season 2. But we surely can say it will be filled with more dark horror, and drama. Maybe Jack will get more evidences about his mother’s mysterious murder ; get to know more about the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose Society, his brewing romance with Alyssa. More relevations about his family’s darkest secrets and his own magical abilities! Well stay tuned for the Season 2.