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The Order renewed for the season 2 by Netflix. Here is everything we know !

The Order fans can rejoice as the American horror drama is coming back to the screen sometime in 2020. Dennis Heaton has created and co written the series with Shelley Eriksen, Rachel Langer, Jennica Harper, Penny Gummerson and Jason Filiatrault.

Release date

After the success of first season , the series has been renewed for it’s second season. First season of The Order was released on 7th March,2019. The season has 10 episodes. Although there no announcement about the release date yet, it is official that the series will be aired sometime in 2020, probably in mid of 2020. Announcement of second season was made right after the release of first season.


There is no trailer of second season of The Order is out yet. We have to wait till the filming gets over. Till then take a look at the short announcement video uploaded by Netflix here.

What is the plot of the series ?

The series revolves around the life of a college student who aims to avenge his mother’s death. Jack, planted in university by his grandfather has a doubt on his father to be the reason for his mother’s death. He joins a society called Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose only to discover dark truth about his family and the dark magic. He falls in love with a girl who studies magic in society and discovers about the ongoing battle between warewolves and magical dark arts. The season ended with Jack’s memory being wiped out.
Let’s see what we will get to see in the season 2.

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Who is in the team of cast ?

There is no announcement about the cast yet but the mains of the series will return to second season. Jake Manley will be back as Jack and Sarah Grey will play the role of Alyssa. Professor Eric will be played by Sam Trammell and Jack’s Grandfather played Matt Frewer and father Edward by Max Martini. Also the team might be joined by Olesia Shewchuk, Kyle Strauts And Grace Dove.