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‘The Office’ Here is when netflix thinking to releasing The Office season 10.? Release date, cast and other details

The Office is an American comedy documentary sitcom describing the lives of employees, who work together in the Pennsylvania branch of the fictional company known as ‘Dunder Muffin Paper Co’. It first aired from March 25th, 2005 to May 16th 2013 on NBC. This hilariously epic show has 9 seasons till now.

The final season consisted of 25 episodes which left the audience with a giggling pain and laughter. But are we getting a season 10 for this show? Let’s find out.

Expected release date

On September 2019, Bonnie Hammer of NBCU announced that ‘the Office’ may go on a reboot. Rebooting the series means to start the show from the beginning. Still nothing is confirmed by the respective authorities. According to people, bringing the show back would lead to a disappoint. As it is impossible for people to accept it as it was back then. It may work or may not! Therefore the possibility is still a 6:4 ratio. However, any official detail is still pending to be declared.

Cast of season 10

The revival of the OFFICE may see the amalgam of old cast and some new faces. John Krasinski will be surely spotted in the new season. Steve Carell (Micheal Scott) is not returning to The Office. Ed Helms is missing the show and the team tremendously. There is no confirmation on Jenna Fischer’s return.

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Plot of The Office 10

The 9th season had a total of 25 episode which had a huge impact on the audience and had a perfect ending. We cannot say what we will see in the next season. Although, the idea of Christmas special is roaming all over the internet and media. John Krasinski said that he would love to do the Christmas special thing, and would surely be down for it. Apart form being so old the Office is a very successful comedy that was on a 9-season-long run.

Jim’s “Booze Cruise” confession, Michael’s grilled foot, “Bob Vance, Vance refrigeration”,
Pam’s voicemails and many other hilarious moments are worth watching again.

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