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The New Version Is out : Dead by Daylight Introduced and Other Amazing Features

For the fans of the game, ‘Dead by Daylight’ there’s a good news for you guys. A mobile version of the game has been launched on all platforms like iOS and Android platforms.

The mobile version has everything that the original game has to offer, but this version has got it’s own unique features that are not in the game. Excited to know what the mobile version has to offer and when it is releasing? We have covered all the information and updates covered about the game. Read to know more.

About Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a survival – horror multiplayer video game. In this, there is a killer and 4 survivors who have to escape from the killer before he catches them. One player takes the role of killer while other plays as the survivors in the game. Interesting part is that, the survivors can’t capture or can attack the killer. This action is purely done by killer. Only possible way to escape from him is to repair five generators, spread across the game area and it will open the gates, through which the survivors can escape.

The game is developed and published by Behaviour Interactive studios. Also the players can choose their own player from a collection of downloadable thousands of DLC characters.

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Release date of Dead by Daylight mobile version

The game officially released as a PC game on June 14th 2016 on Microsoft Windows. Then it eventually went on as a PlayStation and Xbox game on June 22, 2017. Then they came on to Nintendo Switch last year with a release date on September 24, 2019.

Now they are coming to the mobile gaming world with Dead by Daylight on April 17, 2020 on operating systems like Android and iOS.

News features and Boost rewards added in Mobile version.

1. This time the developers have added bots in the game, that will fill in the places for extra players needed in the game.

2. A free ticket system is added so that the players are allowed to check out new characters for a limited time period.

3. Bloodmarket will allow the characters to exchange items and good between them.

4. Super mystery boxes are there to help players to move forward in the game.

5. Jill Valentine from Resident Evil : Resistance, added a playable character.

6. Nicholai to be added as a Mastermind in the game.