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The New Mutants : Why Not Just Release It Already on Disney Plus?

After long hours of negotiation, Disney and Fox Studios merged in 2018. This business conglomerate become one of the most enviable business ventures of all time.
With Fox being the money behind big budget multi starrers, Disney became their online official viewing platform. We have been blessed to see a lot of movies on that platform, however some of them have been unfortunate as well. Many such movies have been shelved off the production status repeatedly. One such movies is New Mutants.

What Is New Mutants All About?

The release of Deadpool sparked the era for R rated dark superhero comedies. Cult status which the movie obtained ensured the producers that such new ventures will bring in variety to the audience and cash to their coffers. They started their attempt by New Mutants.

This movie was about a group of mutants, from the parallel X Men Universe. A group of children with extraordinary abilities collaborate to fight a villainous force. Casting list included stars with fresh and upcoming faces and incredibly young acting pedigree in their repertoire. Shooting for the movie began in 2015, with many sequences shot in that particular year. It was completed around 2017 with a late release date finalized in that particular year.

Why was New Mutants shelved repeatedly?

For production budgetary issues, the films designated release date was postponed. After that Deadpool was released and then Disney decided to release X Men Dark Phoenix on Disney Plus. That particular movie tanked both at the box office and at the online viewing platform.

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Thus when the matter for the New Mutants released was brought up, it was again shelved off and postponed for a later date in 2019. It was then decided that the movie would release around August 2019. But again due to some dumb luck, the movie was taken off from the Disney Production schedule.

When Would New Mutants Actually Release and Will It Air on Disney Plus?

April 2020, was slated as the final date for the release of the movie. But the impending doom came in the form of Corona Pandemic, leading to the rescheduling of all the shows and movies. Authorities behind the New Mutants movie are so bugged off with repeated postponements that they have not even posted this status on their websites.

It is also highly unlikely that the movie will release on the Disney Plus platform, which was recently launched. The platform is already struggling with the huge amount of losses they had to incur for Dark Phoenix, estimated at around $17 million.