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The New Mutants: Why Not Just Release It Already on Disney Plus? Reasons to Be Pushed Back

The New Mutants is facing some issues. Many fans thought that the movie might end up coming out on Disney Plus. However, as it turns out, it won’t.

The New Mutants Won’t Come on Disney Plus

The news got pretty much every fan, including myself, very excited. However, the pandemic hit everything very hard and now, we do not know what will happen to the movie. Many people thought that it might release on Disney Plus.

This made sense too after Disney announced that Artemis Fowl will release on their streaming platform. The CEO of Disney clearly stated that they would release high budget films on their streaming platform. Many of the fans thought that one of such movies would be The New Mutants.

However, it won’t happen and the reason is a deal that Fox and HBO made 8 years ago.

Why Won’t It Come out on Disney Plus?

Well, after Fox was bought by Disney, it was assumed that Disney got all the properties of Fox, here, movie properties.

This is very much true. For instance, Disney now owns movie rights for The X-Men and The Fantastic Four. This clearly means that Marvel will now be able to make both these movies. That is pretty cool, right?

However, this should also mean that Disney will take the charge of The New Mutants and release it. This was the last X-Men character movie that Fox made. But Disney kept delaying the movie and it never ended up getting released.

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There were some rumours that Fox was not happy with the final cut of the movie. They wanted to reshoot some scenes to change it. These reshoots did happen and it was finally revealed that Disney will release the movie.

The Deal Which Is Stopping the Release on Disney Plus

The deal which was struck between HBO and Fox was that HBO had exclusive right to Fox’s movies. This was for streaming purposes. HBO was supposed to have the rights till 2022. That is the reason as to why Dark Phoenix is available on HBO to stream but not Disney Plus.

However, this deal did not affect selling these movies on-demand. This means that Disney can release The New Mutants through iTunes and Amazon. Though, coming to streaming, The New Mutants will come out only on HBO Max as long as Disney doesn’t release it in the theatres.

The Fox and HBO deal does not really permit rentals on such services. For example, Dark Phoenix is not available for rent on iTunes.