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The New Mutants Runtime Will Be Much Shorter This Time

The New Mutants movie whose release date was cancelled three-time and was finally supposed to be released on April 3, 2020, but coronavirus caused it’s fourth consecutive release date cancellation. The Disney movie is once again without a release date and only its runtime has been released by Disney.

What Will Be the Run Time for the Movie:

Josh Boone’s has done all his final cut and the movie is completed. Consumer Protection lists website has come up with the running time of the film which is 94 minutes, or 1 hour and 34 minutes. The runtime is much less than the time of the other comic book movies and will be the shortest among all the X-Men film series.

Why Was the Film Delayed so Long:

The movie shooting was wrapped up in 2017 but the movie release is pending for the last three years. From then the release date has been postponed numerous type first it was postponed from April 13, 2018, to February 22, 2019, to avoid its overlapping with Deadpool 2 movie. After that, the release date again got postponed to August 2, 2019, as many of the Fox release dates were shuffled.

After that, there was a merger between Disney and Fox. Disney finally acquired Fox and its film properties and the new release date was set as April 3, 2020. There were reports that Disney was not happy with the movie and considered it a limited box office profile. There was also news that film is undergoing reshoots. The coronavirus pandemic has further postponed the release date and when will the movie be released is a big question.

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What’s the story of The New Mutants:

The movie is a horror-thriller whose story is set in an isolated hospital in which a group of young mutants are being kept in the hospital for psychiatric monitoring. After which a series of strange occurrences start happening. The difficulty will test the new mutant abilities and their bond as they fight to get out alive.