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The New Call Of Duty Yet Another Reboot?

This year’s new and apparently fancier edition of the famous Call Of Duty will a an infamous reboot, according to latest flying rumor but this time instead of Modern Warfare 2 it’ll be Black Ops.

In 2019 Call Of Duty brought out an overhaul of a 2007 sub series ‘Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’, and this time it looks like the 2020 version could be returning to the 2010 version Black Ops.

Many sources have also reported that the new game engine could allow a 32 vs 32 player mode, making the multiplayer scenario large. This could be given to the users free of cost while a season pass format is also into consideration.

The original version of Black Ops sold more than 30 million copies, being the best-selling of the entire franchise going alongside Mario Kart 8 and Red Dead Redemption 2.

The apparent leaks have come from an infamous source The Gaming Revolution which says that Sledgehammer and Raven studios are going to take the back seat while Treyarch takes over the 2020 version of COD.

They also claim that Alex Mason and Frank Woods will come back with a brand new campaign on the Cold War as well as the Vietnam War shown by brand new actors. It is also believed that Black Ops will have even more intense and uncomfortable scenes with gruesome visuals. Players will be into a much wider perspective of the Vietnam War including various new viewpoints.

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Some sources also confirm that zombies will reappear and perhaps a Vietnam based story line will be developed.

All of these rumors are certainly possible but until we get the final word from the studios we will still have to keep placing out bets on the more intricate details.