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The New Age Love Story – My Holo We Have Got Some Details

The new South Korean series on Netflix starring Yoon Hyun-min and Ko Sung-hee, was inspired by the 2016 Go match between Lee Sedol and the AI system AlphaGo. My Holo Love season 1 premiered on February 2020.

The story of the series is of a woman with face blindness disorder, Han So-yeon. The character is seen getting used to Holo, an AI beta-Model. She realizes that Holo’s appearance is based on his creator, Go Nan-do. The season runs for 12 episodes, and it sees So-yeon trying to find true happiness, while Nan-do is seen trying to deal with the tragic death of his mother. Through the story, we see an entrepreneur named Baek Nam-gyu gets control of the same technology and plans to use it to monitor the general public.

The My Holo Love season 1 finale flashes back to the time of Nan-do’s mothers deatch to answer his questions about it. So-yeon and Nan-do go on a run and talk about So-yeon’s disorder. Nan-do successfully manages to not let the enemy use his technology for wrong purposes.

Netflix has not called for the season 2 yet. Usually, Netflix waits three to six weeks to assess viewing numbers after new season release. Also, My Holo Love season 1 has been described as a “limited series,” which means that it will be ending with just season 1. As it is a clear ending with no cliff hanger, it mostly might not return for a second season unless there is major fan demand.

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If Netflix does go ahead with My Holo Love season 2, the storyline would most likely follow the romance between So-yeon and Nan-do, along with their new business venture, creating technology that turns facial expressions into a holographic image. Main plot, in case of season 2 might be that there is a new challenge in their lives. As  the show follows a romantic trend, it equally follows a suspense, technologically related angle to the story. So, the potential next season may have a new AI or technological warfare kind of challenge for the leads.

It is safe to say that so matter what, the show has caught on wind already and has fan pages and clubs already. If this trend follows, Netflix will have to make efforts to at least try for a new season for the fans.

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