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The Nest Season 2 Cast, Plot and Other Info You Need to Go Through

We all loved the first season of The Nest. This surrogacy drama won millions of hearts out there. However, The show wrapped up recently. This thriller was directed by Andy De Emmony and was produced in the United Kingdom. 

Now, the fans really want to know if there would be around two in the future. The show was featured by BBC one. Here’s everything you need to know about The nest season 2. Check it out! Beware of spoilers as well! 

The Nest Season 2 Cast

This Nicole Tyler written show has three leading characters. 

The wealthy couple, Emily Docherty starred by Sophie Rundle and Dan Docherty starred by Martin Compston. The surrogate Kaya played by Mirren Mack. 

Here is a list of the rest of them:

  1. Bailey Patrick as Callum
  2. James Harkness as James
  3. Liz Ewing as Janis
  4. David Hayman as Souter
  5. Fiona Bell as Hilary
  6. Shirley Henderson as Siobhan. 
  7. Katie Leung as Eleanor

And the list goes on with Samuel Small, Christine Bottomley,  Kate Dickie and Siobhan Redmond. 

The Nest Season 2 Plot

It’s about a wealthy couple, the leading actors themselves, who just can’t conceive. However, they looked out for a teenager, with a troublesome life herself, to be the surrogate mother of their child. 

This leads them to a dangerous lane. The end is about a conflict on who keeps the baby which is biology related to none of them. At last, the couple decides to keep them. 

The show questions some of the upcoming issues everybody is facing in society. It’s all about exploitation, whether to self or others in all its five episodes. 

The Nest Season 2 Release Date

The first season premiered on 22nd of March 2020 on BBC One.  A round three is not confirmed yet. However, Nicole Tyler expresses how much she has longed to tell this story her entire life. The show has ended up with suspense keeping the fans more anxious. But it was satisfactory too. 

She even grieved on how much she misses the characters and wants to do a second part as well. Also adding how more there is to the story, she said it could just end up with this one. 

Watch out here for more updates on The Nest Season 2. We will update you soon as the official reports have been announced. 

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