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The Midnight Gospel: Cast, Plot and Is There Any Official Netflix Release Date ?

Cartoon Network’s Adventure the creator of Time Pendleton Ward and Duncan Trussell is now coming up with new animated series ‘The Midnight Gospel’ on Netflix. It is a story of Clancy, a spacecaster and his journey across the universe. It will be Netflix eleventh animated series and is expected to be as successful as its other animated series like Big Mouth and Bojack Horseman.

About The Midnight Gospel release date:

The Midnight Gospel is a Netflix original animated series which will be released on Monday 20th of April 2020. The series will come up with eight episodes and all the eight episodes will be released on the same day when the series is released on Netflix.

About The Midnight Gospel cast:

Till now there are only three confirmed casts:

1.Phil Hendrie
2.Duncan Trussell
3.Drew Pinsky

The series has originated from the creator of the adventure time so some familiar voices can be expected in this new series. More cast details will be released very soon.

About The Midnight Gospel creator:

The animated series has been created by Pendleton Ward who is the creator of ‘Adventure Time’ and Duncan Trussell and is animated by Titmouse.

About The Midnight Gospel trailer:

In the first trailer, the space caster is seen exploring the world inside the universe simulator and is exploring questions about life, death and other things. The trailer takes us around different world and universe, at first glance the series appears to be for children but it is not as it looks. The trailer reminds us of the ‘Rick and Morty’.

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About The Midnight Gospel plot:

Clancy has a faulty multiverse simulator who leaves his house on the Chromatic Band to interview living being living in the other world. Tersel enters into the world of the Gospel of the Midnight a place where simulation growers use powerful bioinformatics to collect technology.

All the planets in it go through come to know that all the living beings who live in other world are the guest of Clancy’s interviews for the Space-Cast The Midnight Gospel. By these conversations, Clancy comes to know her impact on the world outside and inside the simulator.