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The Matrix 4 Release Date, Cast and All Updates We Know So Far

The Matrix, is popular, is an understatement. The movie that was first released in 1999 and the third movie that was released in 2003 was one of its kind. The movie has become a classic.

The first movie alone managed to garner $460 million in business worldwide.

The plot revolves around a man, Neo, a hacker, who has been living a double life. He soon gets involved with the underworld and his existence comes into question.

The movie with Keanu Reeves, portraying its central character of Neo, was a superhit.

So huge was the film’s influence that audiences have been waiting for its fourth sequel for a long time.

So, is the fourth movie around the corner? Read on to find out.

The Matrix 4 Release Date 

For the time being, the release date has been set for May 21, 2021.

However, given the current coronavirus situation, things are looking grim. Whether the movie will be slated for the scheduled release is a standing question.

Fans can rejoice but and hope that the situation will over by the time release comes around.

The Matrix 4 Cast 

The movie will retain all of its original characters. Keanu Reeves will be back with his character Neo.

Reportedly, How I Met Your Mother veteran Neil Patrick Harris, has been acquired for the project. His role will be important as per reports.

Whether Jada Pinkett Smith will return as the character of Niobe.

Other stars who have will be joining the cast are:

  • Priyanka Chopra
  • Andrew Caldwell
  • Ellen Hollman

The Matrix 4 What We Know So Far 

There are no reports of what the movie will be about.

However, as per speculation, the movie will continue with Neo’s life and what goes on after the conclusion of the incidents of the third movie.

This is not a confirmed report and just speculation.

That’s all for now. For more information, stay updated with XDigitalNews.

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